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Glens Falls, NY 12801
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Along with quality education, comes quality equipment. When it's time to invest in your scuba or snorkeling equipment, Rich Morin's Scuba Centers offer excellent values and the best names in diving equipment that include...
Equipment for all your diving needs
Due to manufacturers restrictions, certain merchandise is not available through the mail and must be purchased at the Dive Center
Sherwood Scuba 
 Genesis Scuba
 Akona Equipment Bags
Xcel Wet Suits 
 Henderson Wet Suits
Viking Dry Suits 
 Whites Dry Suits
PADI Products and Services 
 Ocean Technology  Systems
St. Moritz Watches
 Freestyle Watches
 Princeton Tech
Apollo DPV's 
 Apollo Fins
Sea & Sea Cameras 
 Sea Life Cameras
Sea Pearls Weights 
 Dive Alert
Air Hammer 
Innovative Scuba 
 Nautical Enterprises
Scuba Optics 
 Subsalve Recovery Bags
Carter Lift Bags 
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